The King of Camelot was the male monarch of Camelot. Uther Pendragon became King of Camelot after he took over the kingdom (The Sorcerer's Shadow). After his death, he was succeeded by his son, Arthur Pendragon (The Wicked Day). Although not officially King, Helios was close to Morgana during her second reign, provided her with army and even took part in ruling Camelot, so he partially had a king's duties.


King Position Reason Queen Photo
Bruta Late King An ancestor of the Pendragon family Unknown

Uther Pendragon

Late King

Seized control over Camelot at a young age. Crowned himself King after winning the battle.

Ygraine Pendragon (†)

Catrina (Troll) (Later dethroned and †)

Arthur Pendragon Late King (Until he  rises again.)

Inherited the title after the death of his Father.

Guinevere Pendragon

Arthur crowned s04e03


  • There have been fewer Kings of Camelot than there have been Queens.
  • Camelot's kings have been overthrown at least twice by a member of their own family, Morgana, who overthrew both Uther and Arthur. Uther became a broken man after her betrayal was revealed. Arthur was overthrown when Morgana launched a surprise attack.
  • Arthur is possibly the first and only king to have personally crowned his wife Queen. In the case of Catrina (who was actually a troll in disguise), it was Geoffrey of Monmouth who crowned her with Uther looking on. It is unknown if Uther crowned Ygraine himself or if Geoffrey crowned her.
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