King refers to the male ruling monarch of the kingdom, the highest power in the land. A king has despotic authority over state affairs and oversees the running of the kingdom with the help of his advisers. The female counterpart or the consort of a king is a queen. Their crown and rich dress typically symbolizes their position. Kings may be made either by inheritance, whereby the eldest male surviving child succeeds his father and takes his throne upon his death, or through the act of seizing power from a ruling monarch.

Known KingsEdit

King Status Kingdom Queen Photo
Uther Pendragon Camelot
Caerleon Caerleon
Caerleon s04e07
Alined Alive Unnamed None
Arthur Pendragon († Until he  rises again.) Camelot
S03e01 arthur 02 1600x1200
Bayard Alive Mercia Unknown
Cenred Essetir None
Lot Alive Essetir Unknown
The Fisher King Perilous Lands Unknown
Odin Alive Unnamed Possibly, as he had a son.
Odin image2
Olaf Alive Unnamed Unnamed
Godwyn Alive Gawant Unnamed
Bruta Camelot Unknown/Unnamed
Rodor Alive Nemeth Unnamed, as Mithian was his daughter.
Rodor 2
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