I have no intention of harming you. At least not yet. You're much more valuable to me alive, Lady Morgana.
Kendrick to Morgana[src]

Kendrick was a bandit commander who worked for Hengist. He was ordered to kidnap Uther's ward, the Lady Morgana. His bandits killed the knights guarding her, so he could capture Morgana and her maid, Guinevere. Once captured, Morgana escaped by taking advantage of Kendrick's lust and defeating his men. However, Guinevere couldn't follow because she hurt her leg. Kendrick decided to pass Gwen off as the Lady Morgana so that Hengist, who had never seen the Lady Morgana, would still pay the bounty he had put on Uther's ward. When Hengist learnt of Kendrick's deceit, he locked him in a cage with a Wilddeoren and Kendrick was devoured (Lancelot and Guinevere).


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