Jousting Pitch
Jousting Pitch
Location: Camelot
Type: Pitch, Arena
Appearances: The Once and Future Queen
Lancelot du Lac
Occasionally, Camelot hosts a jousting tournament, and they all took place on this pitch.


The first seen jousting tournament took place there, it is where Arthur pretended to fight as Sir William of Deira and reveal himself at the end. He did this to prove to Sir Leon and the other knights that he can fight when they are all at their best. Shortly before the final, the assassin, Myror, murdered Sir Alynor and took his place, but he was ultimately killed by Arthur. Who at the end, refused to reveal himself to prove to his love, Gwen (The Once and Future Queen).

Another jousting tournament took place there in tribute to Arthur and Guinevere's marriage. It is where the Shade, Sir Lancelot first appeared. Arthur defeated Sir Leon before facing Lancelot, but Lancelot backed down when Arthur was injured to stay above suspicion of his plan (Lancelot du Lac).

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