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A Knight of Camelot acknowledges the crowd.

Today you will fight for glory and for honour. For this is the ultimate test of courage. And it will be the measure of you as men.
Uther Pendragon[src]

The Jousting Annual was a jousting tournament held every year in Camelot. Knights from all over the kingdom came to compete, with Sir William of Deira (Prince Arthur Pendragon in disguise) emerging the victor.


After discovering that the other knights were giving him preferential treatment because of his rank, Arthur concocted a plan to prove himself by entering the tournament in disguise. He would do the actual jousting, while a farmer he hired from the outlying villages would pose as his alias, Sir William of Deira, and acknowledge the crowd before and after his matches.

His plan worked well, and after defeating Sir Leon in the semi-finals, Arthur advanced to the final round. Unbeknownst to Arthur, however, his ruse had been discovered by the assassin Myror, who had been hired by Odin to kill him. Myror killed Arthur's opponent and took his place in the final, where he used a blade hidden inside his lance to attack him.

Though badly injured, Arthur refused to withdraw and rode out for the next round. Fortunately, Merlin discovered that Arthur was jousting against the assassin and used his magic to break the strap on Myror's saddle, distracting him long enough for Arthur to unhorse him and win the tournament (The Once and Future Queen).



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