A knight prepares to joust

Jousting was a sport that took place on the Jousting Pitch, it is where two Knights of Camelot battle on horses using lance to strike the opponent when riding in a straight line on either side of a low barrier. A knight scored points for striking the opponent's shield, lost points for breaking his lance on the other knight's lance and got maximum points for knocking his opponent off his horse.


Myror was a skilled assassin who King Odin had hired to kill Arthur who was guilty of killing his son. After he finds out that he is being treated differently in the practice for the tournament, Arthur decides to take part in the event without the people knowing it is him to show that he can win without special treatment. He will take part in the tournament as "Sir William of Deira": he will do the jousting and another man will appear for him in the official events. Then Arthur plans to reveal it was him all along when he wins, and experience his moment of glory.

Meanwhile, Myror discovers that Arthur is missing and goes to find him in Camelot. He soon finds out that Arthur is hiding in Gwen's house and tries to shoot him while he and Gwen are eating dinner, but is distracted and nearly caught by the guards, yet still manages to escape. Later he discovers that Arthur is taking part of the tournament in secret, so he kills his opponent and takes his place. The first time they joust, a hidden blade comes out of Myror's lance and injures Arthur. But the Prince still faces his opponent in the next round. Merlin discovers that Arthur is jousting against an assassin, but cannot reach him because he has already gone to joust.

During the round, Merlin uses a spell (Onbinde þa téage) to break Myror's horse's saddle strap. This spell allows Arthur to win. Arthur then pushes him off the horse with his lance, and wins the tournament. This leads to Myror's death. Arthur finds out shortly afterwards who he as actually facing in the tournament (The Once and Future Queen).

Another jousting tournament was held to celebrate Arthur and Gwen's marriage. It was when everyone saw Lancelot return, who ended up competing in the tournament. In the tournament, the final four where Arthur, Lancelot, Leon and Percival. Lancelot defeated Percival, before Arthur defeated Leon, leaving Arthur and Lancelot to fight in the final. Lancelot applied a heavy blow on Arthur in one round, but Arthur kept on going, but Lancelot pulled out to prove that he was the 'noble' Lancelot everyone knew. This action made Arthur win the tournament (Lancelot du Lac).


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