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Jonathan Bryan
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Sir Radnor

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The Witch's Quickening

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The Witch's Quickening

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Jonathan Bryan played Sir Radnor in the episode The Witch's Quickening of the BBC series Merlin.

He appeared in 2011 in "Waking the Dead" series in two episodes of Season 9 "Solidarity: Part 1" and "Solidarity: Part 2" playing the character of Hugo Christie. In 2009 he took part in "Hustle" series playing the character of Posh Salesman in episode "Diamond Seeker". In 2008 he also starred in "Casualty" series as Andy in the episode "My Last Day: Part 1", in "After You've Gone" series as Jake in the episode "The Lure of the Rings", in "He Kills Coppers" movie as Young Pc and in "Doctors" series in the episode "Mr Ten Percent" as Jonny Leeson.

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