John Bradley-West (born 1988), credited as John Bradley, is a British actor, known for his role of Samwell Tarly in the HBO fantasy TV series Game of Thrones. He also appears in the TV drama Borgia in the minor role of Cardinal Giovanni de' Medici.

Bradley grew up in the Wythenshawe district of Manchester, where he attended St Paul’s RC High School. He graduated from Loreto College in Hulme and the Manchester Metropolitan School of Theatre.

His role as counterpart to Kit Harington's Jon Snow and as the occasional comic relief in Game of Thrones is his first professional appearance and the first role he auditioned for. One reviewer called him "a wonderful comedic and cowardly yin to Jon's dour yang".

In 2012 he was chosen to interpret a new guest star on BBC television series Merlin. His character, Tyr Seward, appeared in the episode A Lesson in Vengeance.

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