The House of Tregor refers to a royal family that had allied with Uther Pendragon and Camelot. Lady Catrina was part of the House of Tregor. As a child and young lady, she was treated by Gaius because she had an incurable bone disease that made it difficult for her to walk. A troll assumed her appearance and managed to enter Camelot's court and become Queen of Camelot by placing Uther under a spell. It was said that the real Lady Catrina was the last survivor of the House of Tregor after they had been attacked by invaders. The Troll stole the seal of the family to enter Camelot. She was finally killed by Arthur. It is unknown if the real Lady Catrina is still alive and living somwhere else or if she passed away at some point. According to Gaius, she was a kind and gracious woman. (Beauty and the Beast)

Notable Members

Member Status Relatives Photo
King of Tregor
  • Father of Catrina
Catrina †?
  • Daughter of the King of Tregor
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