Pendragon is the name of the Royal Family of Camelot. One of the members of the Pendragon family, Uther Pendragon, brought the name to greatness; he conquered Camelot as a young man and was crowned King. He and his immediate family comprise the Royal Family of Camelot.


Member Position Status Relatives Photo
Uther Pendragon Late King of Camelot Deceased
  • Husband of Ygraine.
  • Father of Arthur and Morgana.
  • Father-in-law of Guinevere.
Uther 2
Ygraine Pendragon Late Queen of Camelot Deceased
  • Wife of Uther.
  • Mother of Arthur.
  • Mother-in-law of Guinevere.
Queen Ygraine Pendragon
Arthur Pendragon King of Camelot Alive
  • Husband of Guinevere.
  • Son of Uther and Ygraine.
  • Half-brother of Morgana.
Morgana Pendragon Former ward of Uther Pendragon Alive
  • Daughter of Uther.
  • Half-sister of Arthur.
  • Half-sister-in-law of Guinevere.
Morgana sitter
Guinevere Pendragon Queen of Camelot Alive
  • Wife of Arthur
  • Daughter-in-law of Ygraine and Uther
  • Half-sister-in-law of Morgana
  • Sister of Sir Elyan

Family Tree

Gorlois + Vivienne   Uther Pendragon + Ygraine de Bois       Tristan de Bois     Agravaine de Bois        
            |                 |       |           | +-----------------+   +-----------------+
            |    |___________|           
            |         |
            |+--------+--------+       +-----------------+                                                                       
        Morgause*    Morgana(illegitimate)      Arthur + Guinevere

Related Family

Family Moments

People Photos Relation
Uther and Arthur
File:Arthur and Uther.jpg
Father and son
Ygraine and Arthur
Arthur and mother
Mother and son
Uther and Morgana
S01 ep12 morgana uther
Father and daughter
Arthur and Morgana
Morgana and arthur
Brother and sister
Arthur and Gwen
2011-12-26 011554
Husband and wife
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