Pendragon is the name of the Royal Family of Camelot. One of the members of the Pendragon family, Uther Pendragon, brought the name to greatness; he conquered Camelot as a young man and was crowned King. He and his immediate family comprise the Royal Family of Camelot.


Member Position Status Relatives Photo
Uther Pendragon King of Camelot

Uther 2
Ygraine Pendragon Queen of Camelot
Queen Ygraine Pendragon
Arthur Pendragon King of Camelot Alive
Morgana Pendragon

Lady of Camelot (former, self-exiled)

Queen of Camelot (title taken during two separate take-overs)

Morgana sitter
Guinevere Pendragon

Handmaiden to the House of Pendragon (former)

Lady in Waiting to Morgana (former)

Queen of Camelot


Family Tree

                                                 |                      |                |
  Gorlois + Vivienne   Uther Pendragon + Ygraine de Bois       Tristan de Bois     Agravaine de Bois        
    \        /   \        /        \       /       
     \      /     \      /          \     /        Tom + Guinevere's Mother
      \    /       \    /            \   /          /    \
       \  /         \  /              \ /          /      \
     Morgause      Morgana          Arthur + Guinevere   Elyan

Related Families

Family Moments

People Photos Relation
Uther and Arthur

Uther and Arthur have a heartwarming final conversation after Uther sacrificed himself to save his son

Father and Son
Ygraine and Arthur
Arthur and mother

Reunion between mother and son

Mother and Son
Uther and Morgana
S01 ep12 morgana uther

Uther and Morgana briefly reconcile at Gorlois' grave

Father and Daughter
Arthur and Morgana
Morgana and arthur

Morgana and Arthur talk

Half-Brother and Half-Sister
Arthur and Gwen
2011-12-26 011554

King Arthur and Queen Guinevere seal Gwen's coronation with a kiss

Husband and Wife
Gwen and Morgana

Morgana and her maidservant, Gwen, back in series 1, when they were friends and before Gwen marries Arthur


Servants of the House

Servant Status Household Photo Related Quotes
Guinevere Pendragon Alive

Former Maid of Lady Morgana Pendragon.

Does not serve anymore. Now Queen.

Gwen 200
She is more than just my maid. She's my friend. ... Gwen is the most kind, loyal person that you would ever meet, and she has been more than a friend to all of us!
Morgana[[Lancelot and Guinevere|[src]]]
Merlin Alive Personal Manservant of King Arthur Pendragon
You saved my boy's life. A debt must be repaid. ... You shall be rewarded a position in the royal household. You shall be Prince Arthur's manservant.
Uther to Merlin[[The Dragon's Call|[src]]]
I save Arthur from being killed and I end up as a servant. How is that fair?
George Alive Former temporary manservant of King Arthur Pendragon
393px-Screen shot 2011-11-09 at 9.42.26 PM
Merlin, meet George. George is, perhaps, the most efficient servant I've ever seen. ... He's seriously boring. I've never met anyone so dull. The man makes jokes about brass.
Arthur[[A Servant of Two Masters|[src]]]
Cedric Temporary Manservant of Prince Arthur Pendragon
Merlin201 1192

Cedric is possessed by Cornelius Sigan.

Audrey Alive Head Chef
Morris Alive Former Manservant of Prince Arthur Pendragon
Fyren Alive Unknown Spy to Myror


  • The House of Pendragon is the first family to have a servant among its women as a wife and queen.
  • Ygraine and Gwen are the only people knnown to have married into the Pendragon family as it is unknown if Uther had siblings. He may have taken on the Pendragon name after he conquered Camelot like his legend counterpart did.
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