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*[[Arthur Pendragon]]: Crown Prince of Camelot, leader of the [[Knights of the Round Table]], son of Uther and Ygraine
*[[Arthur Pendragon]]: Crown Prince of Camelot, leader of the [[Knights of the Round Table]], son of Uther and Ygraine
==Family Tree==
[[Gorlois]] + [[Vivienne]] du Bois [[Uther Pendragon]] + Ygraine Pendragon --- Tristan du Bois -- Agravaine du Bois
| |________________| |
[[Morgause]]* [[Morgana Pendragon]] [[Arthur Pendragon]]
[[ Arthur Pendragon|  ]]
*Morgause is presumed to be the daughter of Gorlois; however, if she is truly Morgana's half sister, then she must be Vivienne's daughter, not Gorlois'.
{{Pendragon family}}
{{Pendragon family}}

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Pendragon is the name of the royal family of Camelot. Uther conquered Camelot when he was a young man and declared himself as King. He and his family conform the Royal Family of Camelot. The members are:

  • Morgana Pendragon: Uncrowned Princess of Camelot, illegitimate daugther of Uther, witch and enemy of Camelot

Pendragon Family

Uther Pendragon † • Ygraine Pendragon (née de Bois) † •
Arthur Pendragon † • Guinevere PendragonMorgana Pendragon

Family Gallery



Uther Pendragon, King of Camelot Ygraine's husband, Arthur and Morgana's father, Morgause's uncle (through marriage), Vivienne's brother-in-law.

Ygraine Pendragon, Queen of Camelot

Uther's wife, Arthur's mother, Morgana's step-mother and aunt, Morgause's aunt, Vivienne's sister.



Arthur Pendragon, Crown Prince of Camelot

Uther and Ygraine's son, Morgana's three-quarter-brother (through Uther and Ygraine), Morgause's cousin, Vivienne's nephew.

Morgana sitter


Morgana Pendragon, uncrowned Princess of Camelot

Uther and Vivienne's daughter, Morgause's half-sister (through Vivienne), Arthur's three-quarter-sister (through Uther and Vivienne), Ygraine's niece.

Morgause Le Fay, Morgana's half-sister, Ygraine's niece, Arthur's cousin, Vivienne's daughter. Also :

Vivienne Le Fay

Uther's sister-in-law, Ygraine's sister, Arthur's aunt, Morgause and Morgana's mother.


Family Moments

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