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You can't always trust people.
Freya on how Halig captured her[src]

Halig was a bounty hunter who captured and was later killed by Freya.


Halig planned to give the captured Druid girl, Freya (whom he'd captured after being tipped off by a fellow druid who Freya had thought she could trust) to Uther Pendragon for a large reward, but when Merlin broke her free, he became suspicious and interrogated him. When Merlin was bringing food for Freya, Halig accused him of hiding her and attempted to attack him, but Arthur stepped in and stopped him. He was later killed by the Bastet Freya shortly before she was fatally wounded by Arthur (The Lady of the Lake). During his lifetime, Halig was a cruel man. He only cared about gaining his reward after capturing a sorcerer and did not value the lives of others.


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