The best seamstress in Camelot.
Merlin on Gwen

The Wardrobe of Guinevere Pendragon is full of handmade gowns and corsets sewn by Gwen herself as she is a skilled seamstress. Her wardrobe extends with different styled outfits as her relationship with her husband Arthur grows from not understanding each other to their eventual marriage. Her status in society is also a factor in her changing wardrobe choices. As she became the Queen, she wore more expensive and intricate gowns. Examples of her hand-made dresses can be seen in the gallery below.

As a ServantEdit

As Camelot's QueenEdit


  • Guinevere's outfits gradually change from those of a servant to more royal ones, which shows her character's evolution from a maidservant to the Queen of Camelot.
  • Gwen and Morgana have each worn an outfit of the others; in The Beginning of the End, Morgana wears Gwen’s usual pale red and off-white dress, with her homespun brick red cloak, when trying to get Mordred out of the city. And in Lancelot and Guinevere, when brigands lose Morgana, they decide to pass the injured Gwen off as her, so they can get paid by feared bandit leader Hengist- she wears Morgana’s signature gown; purple satin, embroidered with gold/ sheer teal and gold overlay, with her cherry red velvet cloak.
  • Notice that in the pictures of Gwen as Queen in Morgana's vision and in the scene where she actually becomes queen her attire is slightly different. This may have been because of the different directors of these two episodes (Queen of Hearts and The Sword in the Stone: Part Two) didn't want to give away too much information about the actual scene when it happened or the script changed over time.
  • Guinevere's coronation dress hints that Gwen's attire will more exquisite in Series 5 due to her new status as Camelot's Queen and as Arthur's wife. This has also been confirmed by a Behind the Scenes image of Guinevere wearing a red dress as the Queen of Camelot.
  • Another set picture has revealed Gwen wearing a black dress. This represents Gwen mourning the loss of her brother.
  • Her Red dress is very Queenly looking and is very different to the princess/lady dresses worn by Morgana. Her black dress is also elegant but looks very Elizabethan reminding viewers of Natalie Dormer's gowns in the Tudors. Interestingly, Katie McGrath who plays Morgana, had a role in a episode of the Tudors and was also a wardrobe assistant.
  • Her purple dress is made of a different material to the other gowns and is the best example that compares to Morgana's old gowns which were the same sort of material.
  • The blue dress is made in a similar way that her red dress was made.
  • Gwen seems to wear her red Gown for more stately occasions such as the meeting of the Knights of the Round Table and Mordred's knighting ceremony.
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