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Gwen's House.png
Gwen's House.png

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Before Guinevere Pendragon became Queen, she lived in a small house, which used to be shared with her father, Tom. It's a simple house. It has a bed, a table, and a few shelves and drawers. Gwen and Elyan were born and raised in this house. During the several years, many significant occurances have happened here.

Significant Events during the Show


  • It is unknown if this house will make any more appearances in the show now that Gwen is Queen, as she would likely reside in the castle with her husband, Arthur.
  • Elyan has never been seen to have lived in the house after his return to Camelot. But he has hidden in the house during Morgana's first reign.
  • Because of his status as a knight, Elyan lives in the castle.


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