Before Guinevere Pendragon became Queen, she lived in a small house, which she used to share with her father, Tom. It's a simple house. It has a bed, a table, and a few shelves and drawers. Gwen and Elyan were born and raised in this house. During the several years, many significant occurrences have happened here. Gwen eventually left this house and resided in the palace after being crowned Queen of Camelot. In A Lesson In Vengeance, Tyr Seward's house looks a lot like Gwen's old house which he shared with his mother until his death later in the episode.

Significant Events during the ShowEdit


  • It is unknown if this house will make any more appearances in the show now that Gwen is Queen, as she is reside in the castle with her husband, Arthur.
  • Elyan has never been seen to have lived in the house after his return to Camelot. But he has hidden in the house during Morgana's first reign.
  • Because of his status as a knight, Elyan lives in the castle.
  • After season 1 the set department extended the house.


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