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Also Known As: The Keeper of the Bridge
Biographical Information
Race: Dwarf


Gender: Male
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Affiliation: The Fisher King
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Behind the Scenes
Portrayer: Warwick Davis
List of Appearances: The Eye of the Phoenix
There are two more things you'll need to complete your quest- strength, and magic
Grettir to Arthur[src]

Grettir is a mysterious dwarf Warlock who has many unknown powers.

Biography Edit

Grettir guarded the bridge leading the way to The Fisher King's kingdom and anticipated the arrival of Arthur Pendragon, Merlin, and Gwaine. He desired the Fisher King's kingdom to be returned to its former glory. When Arthur first arrived alone, Grettir met him on the bridge and knew him at once, referring to him as Courage. He also inquired as to the whereabouts of Magic and Strength, demonstrating some element of foresight as these were later shown to be Merlin and Gwaine respectively.


Meeting Merlin

When Arthur crossed the bridge on his quest for the Trident, Grettir noticed the Phoenix Eye on his wrist and was evidently aware of its true purpose, though he made no attempt to warn Arthur of its detrimental effect. He casually asked about it, and Arthur stated that the bracelet was the token of someone dear to him, but Grettir did not set him straight and laughed before disappearing. He then met Merlin and Gwaine when they followed Arthur to save him from the Phoenix Eye, identifying them as Magic and Strength.

Grettir was exceptionally skilled in the magical arts as he was able to turn Gwaine's sword into a flower and back again when he was threatened as well as disappearing and reappearing and he may have some powers in foresight (The Eye of the Phoenix).

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • Warwick Davis, the actor who portrays Grettir, has also had roles in Star Wars, Harry Potter, 'The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, 'Willow, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, four of the Leprechaun films, and the comedy series Extras. He also has his own series called Life's Too Short.
  • It is never mentioned that Grettir is a dwarf, he's just referred to as one based on his size.

Video Edit

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