The arrival of Lord Godwyn is always a cause for celebration.
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Lord Godwyn is the king of Gawant and an old ally and friend of Uther Pendragon.


Twenty years ago, around the same year that Prince Arthur Pendragon, the only son of Godwyn's old friend Uther Pendragon King of Camelot, was born. He himself was blessed with a child, his daughter Princess Elena, sadly his wife died soon after the birth. Little did Godwyn know that the two royal infants, his daughter especially, were vital to a Sidhe plot. A short time after the death of her mother, a Sidhe elder came to baby Elena as she slept and cast a spell on her, creating a Sidhe inside her that would completely possess her at the right time, when she married Prince Arthur. Her nurse, Grunhilda, was the Pixie servant of the sidhe elder, and every night Grunhilda sprinkled Elena with pixie dust to calm her. With a fairy inside her, Elena became clumsy and inelegant.

20 years later, Godwyn and Uther arranged for Elena and Arthur to be married to forge a union between the two kingdoms. He, Elena and Grunhilda arrived at Camelot although Arthur didn't want to marry her due to his secret love for Guinevere. Merlin discovered Grunhilda's plans and she informed the elder of this who attacked him in his sleep though managed to escape and destroyed the creature with his Sidhe staff. Gaius created a tonic to remove the Sidhe from Elena while Merlin devised a plan to trick Grunhilda with Gaius's romance. They went to Elena's chambers while Grunhilda pursued them. Merlin killed Grunhilda while Gaius gave Elena the tonic. This forced the Sidhe out of her which Merlin killed. Soon the wedding began, with the princess having now become a graceful and elegant bride. Nonetheless, Arthur called off the ceremony. He and Elena agreed that they do not love each other and happily decided to cancel the wedding. Although Uther was furious with Arthur, Godwyn told Uther shortly before he left that his son had the makings of a great king and that he should be proud of him (The Changeling).

Uther and Godwyn, leaders and friends


  • It is unclear why Godwyn is a lord, since as being the leader of a kingdom he should logically be called a King like Uther. It is also unknown why he did not send troops to aid Uther when Camelot was under attack, although it is still reasonable, as in one battle Cenred's Army was invincible.
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