Gilli is a young warlock who enters a tournament in which there are no rules. He uses magic to increase his victory. His family history is mostly unknown. His father was a sorcerer who was killed by Uther's guards after he was caught using magic.

Early Life

Not much is known about Gilli's past or childhood. He was young when his father died so he had a hatred for Uther ever since and could never understand why his father who had all this power never used it to defend himself from the soldiers. After his father died, Gilli often used a ring which belonged to his father to use magic and to perform spells.

Arriving and Competing in the tournament

Gilli entered a special tournament held only once every ten years, in which there are no rules. On his way to Camelot he is teased by two men named Tindr and Nollar. When he arrives he meets Merlin after he saves him from Tindr and Nollar, meanwhile Uther competes in the tournament which displeases Arthur.

In the first set of challengers Gilli, Uther, Arthur and Nollar all win. Merlin notices Gilli is using magic and warns him about it and tells him to withdraw but he refuses. In the next stage of the tournament Gilli fights Nollar and kills him. Meanwhile Arthur throws the match and is defeated by Uther. Merlin again tells Gilli to withdraw and he agrees that he should, but everyone is showing him respect and he feels he needs to stand up for those who use magic, so he won't withdraw.

The next morning Uther and Gilli fight in the finale. Gilli uses magic once more to win but is thwarted by Merlin who is also using magic to counter Gilli's. In the end Uther wins and Gilli storms off in anger. Merlin finds him at the tavern and calms him down and Gilli admits that he finally has a greater understanding of his father and the use of magic. Merlin comments that they will meet again. Gilli leaves Camelot to return home.

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