The ring bears a mark of the Old Religion. Such rings are very rare, but they act as a conduit, a channel for magical powers.
Gaius to Merlin[src]
Gilli's ring is a ring that was used by the sorcerer, Gilli, to help him increase his chances of victory in a tournament of Camelot. The ring is an artifact of magic and it bears the symbol of the Old Religion on it. The ring acts as a conduit for magical powers and it gave Gilli enough energy to use magic and perform spells. He could also conjure a healing spell with his ring to cure his arm, creating a blinding light and a wave of scorching heat. This ring was given to Gilli after his father died (The Sorcerer's Shadow). In conclusion, this ring allows even those born without the gift to wield magic, for there is magic to conduit in everything, while it amplifies the gift of those who were.
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