Ghost boy
Ghost Boy
Also Known As:
Biographical Information
Race: Human


Gender: Male
Affiliation: Druids ? (Possibly)
Enemies: Uther Pendragon
Behind the Scenes
Portrayer: Jake Phillips
List of Appearances: The Tears of Uther Pendragon
During the great purge, Uther drowned many he suspected of sorcery. And some, God help them, were children, killed for the magic they were born with
Gaius to Merlin[src]

The Ghost Boy is a young sorcerer who was executed during The Great Purge.


The Ghost Boy appears for the first and only time in The Tears of Uther Pendragon. He appeared before Uther in a hallucination, dripping water. Gaius revealed that he was one of the many children that had magic that Uther executed by drowning. Uther felt either guilt for killing the child, or fear about the fact that he appeared to return from the dead. He told the hallucination to be gone, causing all the witnesses to think he was losing his mind, since they couldn't see the boy. Only Uther could see the boy because of the spell. The boy never said anything in the episode (The Tears of Uther Pendragon).


Series 3
The Tears of Uther Pendragon: Part One (Appears as a hallucination)
The Tears of Uther Pendragon: Part Two (Appears as a hallucination) (cameo)
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