Gedref is a country located in Albion. Its lands were claimed by Camelot who held ancient claims to this land, but was disputed by the kingdom of Nemeth, who most likely had citizens living there. However, after many months of confidential negotiations, the kingdoms of Nemeth and Camelot came to an agreement. Arthur would marry the Princess Mithian, and unite the two lands, however, upon deciding he still loved Gwen, Arthur called off the marriage, and renounced Camelot's claim to Gedref, to compesate (The Hunter's Heart). The Swordsmiths of Gedref were active there (The Secret Sharer), and the Labyrinth of Gedref was located there as well (The Labyrinth of Gedref).


Series 1
The Labyrinth of Gedref
Series 4
The Secret Sharer (Mentioned only)
The Hunter's Heart (Mentioned only)
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