Forridel 2
Also Known As: N/A
Biographical Information
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Family: Unknown
Affiliation: Druids
Enemies: Camelot
Behind the Scenes
Portrayer: Beth Cordingly
List of Appearances: The Nightmare Begins
I need your help. I'm looking for a way to contact the Druids.
Merlin to Forridel

Forridel is the woman who told Merlin where he could find the Druids. It is unknown if she was a Druid herself, or merely a friend or ally of theirs.

Biography Edit

The Scroll

The scroll listing those were suspected of sorcery, including Forridel.

When Morgana began to suspect that she had magic, Merlin became determined to help her but didn't know how to without giving away his secret. He wanted to send her to the Druids, as they were said to help people like her, but he didn't know where they were, and neither Gaius nor the Great Dragon would tell him.

Fortunately, Merlin found a solution to his problem when he overheard Arthur and Sir Leon discussing their orders to arrest everyone in Camelot suspected of consorting with sorcerers, witches, or Druids. To this end, Leon gave Arthur a scroll listing the names and last known dwelling places of the different suspects, which Merlin managed to sneak a peek at when the prince wasn't looking. He took particular notice of Forridel's name (presumably because she was listed as living nearby in the Lower Town and suspected of consorting with Druids) and immediately went to her house upon being dismissed for the day.

Finding her door barred, Merlin quietly unlocked it with his magic and made his way inside. Forridel was startled by his sudden entrance and immediately moved to put a sword to his back. She told him that if he moved she'd kill him and demanded to know who he was, to which Merlin replied that there was no time to explain and told her that the king's men would be coming to arrest her. As if on cue, a Knight of Camelot began pounding on her door and demanded entrance in the name of the King. Merlin and Forridel quickly snuck out the back way and hid around the corner. As they watched the Knights enter her house, Forridel asked him how he'd known they were coming for her, and Merlin explained that he was Prince Arthur's servant.


Merlin and Forridel escape.

Forridel was grateful to him for warning her and thanked him for it, but though she was no longer suspicious of Merlin, she was still cautious in answering his questions. When he told her that he was looking for a way to contact the Druids, she claimed not to know anything about them and continued to hedge even after he told her that she didn't have to lie to him. However, once Merlin reminded her that she'd be under arrest if it wasn't for him and assured her that he was a friend of the Druids and needed their help, Forridel decided to trust him and told him what he needed to know (The Nightmare Begins).
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