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The Forest of Balor is a vast wooded area beyond the Mountains of Isgaard. It is likely located in a country called Balor, as the caves below the forest were known as the Caves of Balor.

The forest is home to many rare creatures such as the Cockatrice and Balorian Spiders. It is also the only known habitat of the Mortaeus flower, which grows on the roots of the Mortaeus tree.


When Merlin was dying of a deadly poison, Arthur rode to the Forest of Balor to find a Mortaeus flower needed for the antidote. Soon after entering the forest, he encountered the High Priestess Nimueh and saved her from a Cockatrice.

Pretending to be a lost, runaway serving girl, Nimueh offered to help Arthur locate the flowers in the caves beneath the forest, but later betrayed him and left him to die. Fortunately, Merlin's guiding light allowed Arthur to escape the caves before he could be killed by Balorian spiders (The Poisoned Chalice).


  • It is possible that Nimueh's caves were located near the forest, as she seemed to be know the area well enough to guide and trap Arthur (The Poisoned Chalice).
  • It is revealed in the novelisation of Valiant that the Serpent Shield contains snakes taken from this forest.
  • Balor was an one-eyed giant in Irish mythology and leader of an evil race, perhaps an inspiration for these dark lands.


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