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Biographical Information
Race: Human


Gender: Male
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Affiliation: Isle of the Blessed
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Behind the Scenes
Portrayer: James Greene
List of Appearances: The Darkest Hour
The Ferryman is an old man, possibly a sorcerer and a servant of the High Priestesses and of the Old Religion.


He ferried Morgana and Morgause to the Isle of the Blessed on his boat. Prince Arthur Pendragon and Knights of the Round Table came to the ferryman, who took them to the Isle so they could heal the Veil between the worlds.



The ferryman takes the sisters to the Isle of the Blessed.

The ferryman appeared to be quite drawn to money, for when he first saw the two sisters he looked at them with little interest and immediately stretched out his hand to receive a gold coin. Morgause gave it to him and said: "You know where we wish to go", possibly indicating that she knew him or that he only ferried people to and from the Isle of the Blessed. He may or may not have had any particular affiliation with the sisters, as he took them to the Isle where Morgana tore the Veil between the worlds and, then, took Arthur, who intended to repair it, there as well.



Morgause paying for travelling to the Isle of the Blessed.

The Ferryman was able to make his boat move on the waters of the lake without having to paddle. This may indicate that he indeed had magic and the power of telekinesis (The Darkest Hour).

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The Ferryman is similar to Charon in Greek mythology. Charon was the ferryman of Hades who carried souls of the newly deceased across the rivers Styx and Acheron that divided the world of the living from the world of the dead. In was customary for people to place a coin in the mouth of a deceased beloved so that his or her soul could pay Charon for the ferryboat ride to the other shore of the river. The Ferryman took Morgause and Morgana to the Isle of the Blessed (in order for Morgause to die at the place where the Veil between the Mortal World and the Spirit World could be torn) only after they had paid him a gold coin.
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