Sir Ewan was a knight in Albion who fought in the Tournament in Camelot.


He won several duels in the Tournament before facing Valiant, who invoked the snakes on a magical shield to attack Ewan and defeat him. Ewan was treated for his injury by Camelot's court physician Gaius and his apprentice Merlin, who discovered the true nature of Valiant's shield and decapitated one of the snakes. With the snake's head, Gaius was able to brew an antidote to the snake's venom, and Ewan was on the road to recovery. Prince Arthur planned to call Ewan as the crucial witness in his allegations before King Uther that Valiant was using magic to cheat in the tournament, but he was subsequently attacked by another of the shield-snakes and died before he could confirm Arthur's accusation against Valiant (Valiant).

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