Engerd is a village in Essetir, Lot's kingdom. It was where Balinor was last seen before Arthur and Merlin ventured there.


When Kilgharrah was released, in his rage, he attacked Camelot. So Arthur and Merlin set out on a journey to locate and seek help from the last Dragonlord, called Balinor. According to Gaius, Balinor was last seen in Engerd. Arthur and Merlin visited the town's tavern. Arthur questioned people about the Dragonlord, but none would give an honest answer. They stayed in the tavern for the night, where they were attacked by a thief called Asgerd. Before Asgerd could make a move, Arthur dashed out of bed and held him at swordpoint, Arthur spared him after he told him the whereabouts of Balinor. Then they left Engerd and set out for the Mountains of Feorre, in search for the last Dragonlord (The Last Dragonlord).

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