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Emily Beecham
Biographical information
Birth date

May 1984

Birth place

Manchester, Lancashire, England





His/her attendance in Merlin series
Played role


First appearance

The Witch's Quickening

Last appearance

The Witch's Quickening

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Emily Beecham played Enmyria in the episode The Witch's Quickening of the BBC series Merlin.

26 April 2007 was the day of the first public screening of her initial theatrical feature, the horror/science fiction thriller, 28 Weeks Later in which she has a three-minute role during the opening moments.

Still in her first year as a full-time actress, in mid-2007, she was chosen by director Jan Dunn for the leading ingenue role in her independently-produced feature, The Calling, which was filmed between 12 August and 3 September, but did not have an official public screening until late June 2009, nearly two years later. Displaying a cast list replete with veteran actresses, including Susannah York, Brenda Blethyn, Rita Tushingham, Amanda Donohoe, Pauline McLynn and Susannah Harker, the production received favorable, negative and mixed reviews, one of which, in the online publication, TVbomb, commented that "[N]ewcomer Emily Beecham plays a young woman determined to take the veil and holds her own well against such stalwarts as Brenda Blethyn and Susannah York".[4] In highlighting the impression made by the film's young star, film columnist Hannah McGill, who served as the Edinburgh Festival's artistic director from 2006 to 2010, decided that she should be one of the recipients of the coveted Skillset Trailblazer Award.


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