Elena's Mother
Also Known As: Lady Godwyn

Queen of Gawant

Biographical Information
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Family: Godwyn (husband)
Elena (daughter)
Affiliation: Gawant
Uther Pendragon
Ygraine Pendragon
Enemies:  ?
Behind the Scenes
Portrayer: None
List of Appearances: The Changeling (Mentioned)
Apparently my mother was an excellent horsewoman. I never met her.
Elena on her Mother[src]
Elena's Mother was the mother of Princess Elena, the wife of Lord Godwyn and the Queen of Gawant. She and Godwyn were friends with the Pendragon family. She became pregnant and Godwyn felt blessed to have such a wonderful gift in his life, around the same time Queen Ygraine Pendragon (Arthur's mother) became pregnant too. Unknown to both families, the children would be part of conspiracy from the Sidhes to bring the downfall of both kingdoms. Lady Godwyn gave birth to a girl named Elena, but died in childbirth. That same night the Sidhe elder planted a Sidhe in the baby and the Changeling process started. Twenty years later, she is still remembered by her husband and daughter who grew up with a great admiration and respect for her. According to Elena, her mother loved horses and was an expert horse rider.
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