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Elanthia Beetle
Species information
Family Insect
Affiliation Edwin Muirden
Origin Albion
Appearances A Remedy to Cure All Ills

These little angels are how I cured Lady Morgana. They repaired the damage to her brain. They saved her life. Magic can be a force for good.
Edwin Muirden to Merlin[src]
The Elanthia Beetle is a magical insect conjured by dark magic. These beetles are deadly and they can be enchanted to enter and devour someone's brain.



The Elanthia Beetles in Edwin's box

Edwin put one of these beetles into the flowers he sent to Morgana in order to win the King's favour by curing her. When Merlin awoke the beetles by reading the spell on the top of the box where they were kept, Edwin said he used them to repair the damage to Morgana's brain. Later Edwin gave Uther a potion to paralyse him and then enchanted a beetle to enter and slowly eat the King's brain and kill him, but Merlin was able to take it out with using magic (A Remedy to Cure All Ills).
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The runes that animate the Elanthia Beetles.

The spells used to animate and command the Beetles are: "Bebiede þe arisan ealdu" and "Bebiede þe arisan áblinnan". While Edwin used the first one to animate a beetle (which was also the enchantment Merlin accidentally cast by reading the runes on the creatures' box), the second incantation was used by the evil warlock to take the beetle out of Morgana's ear. On the top of the beetles' box are written the letters (in runes): "F OE A J", while the second letter was upside down.

Placing the beetles in Morgana's ears


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