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It's a small village. Just a few fields, a couple of cows. Nothing special.
Merlin to Freya about Ealdor[src]

Ealdor is a small outlying village in Cenred's Kingdom. It is the childhood home of Merlin.


Arthur addresses the villagers.

Balinor fled to Ealdor after his people were killed during the Great Purge. He sought refuge with Hunith and fell in love with her, but was forced to leave when Uther discovered his whereabouts. His relationship with Hunith later resulted in the birth of their son, Merlin (The Last Dragonlord).

Merlin grew up feeling like an outsider in the village's community. He had one friend, William, who knew about his magic. Eventually, Hunith became worried by how at odds Merlin was with their fellow villagers and sent him to live with her friend Gaius in Camelot (The Dragon's Call, The Moment of Truth).

Some time after Merlin left, Ealdor was raided by bandits. They were led by a man named Kanen, who demanded the village's entire harvest. When Merlin learnt of this, he returned home to help defend it. He was accompanied by Arthur, Gwen, and Morgana, who mended armour, sharpened swords, and taught the villagers to fight.

Though the villagers fought well, the bandits soon began to overpower them and Merlin was forced to use his magic to defeat them. His secret was preserved by William, however, who was hit by a crossbow bolt in defense of Arthur and used his dying moments to claim that he was the one who had used magic (The Moment of Truth).

Merlin, Arthur, and their allies hide from Southrons.

After Morgana, Agravaine, and Helios conquered Camelot, Merlin and Arthur fled north to Ealdor. They were accompanied by smugglers Tristan and Isolde and later reunited with Gwen, who had sought refuge in Ealdor after she was exiled from Camelot.

Unfortunately, Agravaine soon tracked them down and led an attack on the village, forcing them to flee (The Sword in the Stone).

Known Residents[]

Resident Status Duration Photo
Merlin Alive Childhood
Hunith Alive Lifelong
Hunith and merlin.png
William Lifelong
Matthew Lifelong
Old Man Simmons Unknown Lifelong
Mentioned Only
William's Father Lifelong
Mentioned Only
Balinor Temporary
Guinevere Alive Temporary


Series 1
The Dragon's Call (cameo)
The Moment of Truth
Series 2
The Lady of the Lake (Mentioned only)
The Last Dragonlord (Mentioned only)
Series 4
The Sword in the Stone


  • "Ealdor" is Anglo-Saxon for "old", "elder" (not "elder-tree").



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