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Ealdor is an outlying village in the lands of Essetir. It is the home town of Merlin and his mother, Hunith and currently belongs to King Lot.


"Ealdor" is Anglo-Saxon for "old", "elder" (not "elder-tree").

Balinor's visit[]

Following the Great Purge, Balinor, the last Dragonlord, fled to Ealdor. It is where he met Hunith and formed a relationship with her. However, Uther was determined to see him dead and sent the Knights of Camelot to kill him. In order to spare Hunith the ordeal, he left the village and never returned, leaving her pregnant with a child that would later be called Merlin (The Last Dragonlord).

Merlin's childhood[]

As he grew up, Merlin felt like an outsider among the conservative community. Some people, such as his friend William, accepted his magic. Others like Simmons, viewed him with caution. His detachment eventually saw him leave for Camelot.


Some time after Merlin left, Ealdor came under attack from Kanen and his band who would take the village's harvest, leaving the villagers with nothing to eat. When Merlin learnt of this, he decided to return home and help defend it. He was aided by Arthur Pendragon, Morgana and Guinevere. Upon their arrival, they forced Kanen to flee.

William's cremation in Ealdor

Aware that he would return in force, Arthur began training the inhabitants to defend themselves. Ultimately, Merlin was forced to use his magic to defeat Kanen, saving the village from his pillaging. William took a crossbow bolt from Kanen to save Arthur, and claimed to him that he was the one who used magic to cover for Merlin. Merlin and the others left for Camelot soon after these events (The Moment of Truth).

Merlin's return[]


After Morgana conquered Camelot with the help of Agravaine and Helios, Merlin decided to take Arthur to Ealdor where he would be safe, he was joined by the smuggler Tristan as his associate, Isolde, was injured. Arthur was tended to by Guinevere, who had been staying in the village for some time. Unfortunately, Agravaine tracked Arthur down and they were forced to flee. (The Sword in the Stone).

The extent of the village's damage during Agravaine's attack is unknown.


Known residents[]

Merlin (formerly)
Balinor (formerly) †
Guinevere Pendragon (formerly)
Lancelot (formerly) †
William's father (formerly) †

Arthur talks to Matthew and Hunith


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