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A Duel is an important confrontation and battle between two or more people who fight each other by physical means or magic. A magical duel is a fight which involves magic while duels which involve swords, axes, maces, shields, quarterstaffs, lances and staffs are fights with physical means.

List of Duels[]

Series 1[]

Participants Circumstances Outcome Episode

Arthur Pendragon vs. Merlin

Arthur challenged Merlin to a duel using maces after they first met. Merlin used magic to help him overcome Arthur but was interrupted by the arrival of Gaius which allowed Arthur to defeat Merlin. The Dragon's Call
Sir Ewain vs. Valiant In a tournament Ewain fought Valiant after winning many battles before. Valiant used snakes inside a snake shield to wound Ewain before stabbing him. Valiant
Arthur Pendragon vs. Valiant In the Tournament, Arthur duelled Valiant, who planned to kill him with the snake shield. After Merlin exposed Valiant 's snake shield, Morgana passed a sword to Arthur, who killed the snakes in it and killed Valiant. Valiant
Merlin, Arthur Pendragon and Morgana vs. Afanc When Merlin learned that an Afanc was responsible for causing a plague in Camelot, he, along with Arthur and Morgana, went to destroy it. Merlin , with the help of his magic and Arthur's torch, destroyed the Afanc. The plague ended. The Mark of Nimueh
Arthur Pendragon vs. Cockatrice Arthur got attacked by a Cockatrice when he went to get an antidote for Merlin. Arthur eventually killed the Cockatrice, by hurling his sword at it. The Poisoned Chalice
Arthur Pendragon vs. Lancelot As Lancelot wanted to become a Knight of Camelot, Arthur tested him by fighting him. Lancelot defeated Arthur despite being overpowered by Arthur at first. Lancelot
Merlin vs. Edwin Muirden When Gaius tried to stop Edwin killing Uther, Edwin trapped him in a rope of fire but Merlin intervened. After Merlin refused his offer to join him, Edwin hurled an ax at Merlin but stopped it in mid-flight, then threw it back at Edwin, killing him and saving Gaius. A Remedy to Cure All Ills
Sir Owain vs. Tristan de Bois Owain fought Tristan who returned from the dead to take his revenge on Uther for Ygraines death. Owain fatally wounded Tristan but because Tristan was a wraith, he survived and eventually killed Owain. Excalibur
Sir Pellinore vs. Tristan de Bois After Owain was killed, Sir Pellinore took the challenge. Pellinore stabbed Tristan but Tristan again survived and killed Pellinore. Excalibur
Uther Pendragon vs. Tristan de Bois Uther chose to fight his brother in law Tristan to prevent Arthur from fighting him. Uther killed Tristan with help from the sword Excalibur which Merlin gave him. Excalibur
Arthur Pendragon vs. Kanen When his men got defeated by Merlin, Kanen attacked Arthur for revenge. Arthur killed Kanen after a short battle. The Moment of Truth
Arthur Pendragon vs. Evan Arthur duelled Evan when he taunted him about his status as a prince. Evan disarmed Arthur but Arthur knocked him to the side, recovered his sword, and went to kill Evan, but before he could Evan vanished, and Ahora revealed it had been a test. The Labyrinth of Gedref
Merlin vs. Tauren Merlin tried to kill Tauren after killing his henchman to foil his attempt on Uther's life. Tauren deflected Merlin's killing magic back at him with the mage stone, overpowering him but he survived. To Kill the King
Uther Pendragon vs. Tauren Tauren attacked Uther when he took Morgana to visit his friends grave. Tauren overpowered Uther but got killed by Morgana. To Kill the King
Arthur Pendragon and Merlin vs. Questing Beast Arthur and Merlin confronted a Questing Beast when it appeared in Camelot. Arthur got bitten and defeated by the Questing Beast but Merlin killed it with his magic. Le Morte d'Arthur
Merlin vs. Kilgharrah Kilgharrah attacked Merlin when he refused to set him free. Merlin deflected the fire Kilgharrah produced with his magic. Le Morte d'Arthur
Merlin vs. Nimueh Merlin attacked Nimueh after confronting her in the Isle of the Blessed. (Duel between Merlin and Nimueh) Nimueh overcame Merlin after a fierce battle but he recovered and struck her with lightning, killing her. Le Morte d'Arthur

Series 2[]

Participants Circumstances Outcome Episode
Merlin vs. Cedric (Cornelius Sigan) Merlin wrestled Cedric after Arthur denied the fact that Cedric raided the tomb. Arthur knocked out Merlin to break out the wrestle. The Curse of Cornelius Sigan
Arthur Pendragon vs. Myror Arthur participated in a tournament disguised as another person and Myror also participated, having been ordered to kill Arthur by King Odin. Myror wounded Arthur but Merlin broke one of Myror's saddle straps with his magic, allowing Arthur to kill him. The Once and Future Queen
Merlin vs. Jonas When Merlin attempted to stop the wedding of Uther Pendragon and Lady Catrina, Jonas attacked him. Merlin used magic to knock Jonas against a wall, knocking him unconscious. Beauty and the Beast: Part One
Arthur Pendragon vs. Morgause Morgause challenged Arthur to a duel to test him. Morgause eventually defeated Arthur despite being wounded by him. The Sins of the Father
Arthur Pendragon vs. Uther Pendragon Arthur attacked Uther when he learned the truth of his birth. Arthur eventually defeated Uther but before he could kill him, Merlin convinced him that whatever his mother told him was not true, making Arthur spare Uther. The Sins of the Father
Arthur Pendragon vs. King Olaf Olaf challenged Arthur to a duel after finding out that Arthur had feelings for his daughter Lady Vivian, unaware that it was an enchantment. (Duel between Arthur and Olaf) Arthur lost the first two contests to Olaf, but defeated Olaf in the last contest after he was free from the enchantment. Sweet Dreams
Arthur Pendragon vs. Knights of Medhir When Morgause attempted to destroy Camelot by using the Knights of Medhir, Arthur attempted to defend the city from the Knights. Arthur defended himself against the Knights until Merlin forced Morgause to remove the enchantment animating the Knights. The Fires of Idirsholas
Arthur Pendragon, Merlin and Balinor vs. Cenred's Knight's When Merlin and Arthur found the dragonlord Balinor, they got ambushed by several of Cenred's Knights. The Knights were defeated but Balinor was killed when he sacrificed himself to save Merlin. The Last Dragonlord
Kilgharrah vs. Knights of Camelot When Arthur and Merlin went to confront Kilgharrah, some knights accompanied them. Kilgharrah killed all the knights (although Sir Leon survived). The Last Dragonlord
Arthur Pendragon and Merlin vs. Kilgharrah Arthur battled Kilgharrah in an attempt to save Camelot while Merlin joined him. Kilgharrah defeated Arthur despite receiving a wound from him but Merlin used the power of a Dragonlord to force Kilgharrah out of Camelot. The Last Dragonlord

Series 3[]

Participants Circumstances Outcome Episode
Merlin vs. Morgana Morgana and Merlin duelled with swords when she refused to stop an enchantment she put to animate a skeleton army. (Duel between Merlin and Morgana) Morgana disarmed Merlin but he used magic to cause the celling to collapse, which knocked her unconscious. The Tears of Uther Pendragon: Part Two
Merlin vs. The Goblin When Gaius was possessed by a Goblin, Merlin discovered this and the Goblin attacked him. Merlin outmatched the Goblin by deflecting the knife it hurled at him, however he was unable to kill the Goblin, as it would also kill Gaius. Goblin's Gold
Arthur Pendragon vs. Dagr When Dagr and Ebor, disguised as Sir Oswald and Sir Ethan, arrived in Camelot to take his revenge on Arthur in a Tournament, Dagr briefly had a duel with Arthur while practising. Although Arthur proved to be a superior fighter, their duel ended in a draw. Gwaine
Gwaine vs. Dagr and Ebor After Merlin discovered Dagr and Ebor's true identities, they attacked him until Gwaine came to his defence. Gwaine easily outmatched Dagr and Ebor but got captured by the Knights of Camelot as they assumed that Gwaine tried to kill them. Gwaine
Arthur Pendragon and Gwaine vs. Dagr and Ebor Dagr and Ebor together participated in the Tournament to take their revenge on Arthur. Dagr and Ebor overpowered Arthur but they got killed by Gwaine, who returned to Camelot after his capture, before they could kill Arthur. Gwaine
Merlin vs. The Sidhe elder When The Sidhe elder discovered that Merlin knew Princess Elena was a Changeling, he attacked Merlin in his sleep. Merlin eventually killed the Sidhe elder with his staff. The Changeling
Arthur Pendragon vs. bandits Some bandits attacked Arthur in his sleep. Arthur defeated the bandits despite being weakened by a Phoenix Eye. The Eye of the Phoenix
Arthur Pendragon vs. Wyvern When Arthur went on a guest to find the Golden Trident, he got attacked by some Wyvern. Arthur defended himself from the Wyvern and escaped. The Eye of the Phoenix
Uther Pendragon vs. Unknown opponent Uther fought this person in the first round of a Tournament. Uther easily defeated his opponent. The Sorcerer's Shadow
Arthur Pendragon vs. Unknown opponent Arthur fought this person in the second round of the Tournament. Arthur easily defeated his opponent. The Sorcerer's Shadow
Nollar vs. unknown opponent Nollar fought this opponent with an axe and was initially outmatched. Nollar stabbed his oponent and beheaded him. The Sorcerer's Shadow
Gilli vs. unknown opponent Gilli fought this opponent when he fought for glory. Gilli used magic to trap his opponents sword, allowing him to defeat him. The Sorcerer's Shadow
Gilli vs. Nollar Gilli and Nollar fought against each other and Nollar cornered Gilli. Gilli knocked Nollar to the ground with his magic and killed him. The Sorcerer's Shadow
Arthur Pendragon vs. unknown opponent Arthur fought this person in another round of the tournament. Arthur's fight with this oponent was longer but he won. The Sorcerer's Shadow
Uther Pendragon vs. unknown opponent Uther fought this person after defeating his first oponent. Uther eventually won the fight. The Sorcerer's Shadow
Arthur Pendragon vs. Uther Pendragon In the Tournament, Uther challenged Arthur to a duel. Arthur initially overpowered Uther but threw the fight and allowed Uther to defeat him. The Sorcerer's Shadow
Gilli vs. unknown opponent Gilli fought this opponent after killing Nollar Gilli used magic to heat the persons sword and fall over before badly wounding him. The Sorcerer's Shadow
Uther Pendragon vs. Gilli In the last round of the Tournament, Uther and Gilli battled each other. Gilli overpowered Uther with the help of his magic but Merlin thwarted him with his magic, allowing Uther to defeat Gilli. The Sorcerer's Shadow
Arthur Pendragon vs. Gwaine When Arthur Merlin and Gwaine were captured by the slave trader Jarl, Arthur and Gwaine were forced to battle each other to protect Merlin, even though they were not intending to hurt each other. The duel ended in a draw because Merlin conjured a fire with his magic to distract Jarl's men, allowing Merlin, Arthur and Gwaine to escape. The Coming of Arthur: Part One
Arthur Pendragon, Merlin and Gwaine vs. Cenred's Knights When Arthur, Merlin and Gwaine got the Cup of Life, they got ambushed by Cenred's knights. Arthur was wounded during the battle and the Cup of Life was taken by Cenred's men. The Coming of Arthur: Part One
Merlin and Lancelot vs. Immortal army Merlin and Lancelot fought several of an immortal army on their way to destroy them. Merlin killed several immortal people with the sword Excalibur while Lancelot was wounded in battle. The Coming of Arthur: Part Two
Merlin and Gaius vs. Morgause Morgause attacked Merlin with magic when he attempted to destroy the immortal army. (Showdown with Morgause) Gaius arrived and attacked Morgause with his magic but before she could attack him, Merlin recovered and slammed her against a pillar, badly wounding her. The Coming of Arthur: Part Two

Series 4[]

Participants Circumstances Outcome Episode
Morgana vs. Knights of Camelot Morgana was taking the wounded Morgause with her to the Isle of the Blessed and encountered the Knights of Camelot. Morgana killed two of the knights with her magic and knocked Leon and Elyan unconscious. The Darkest Hour: Part One
Arthur Pendragon and Knights of the Round Table vs. Wyvern A pack of Wyvern attack Arthur Pendragon and the Knights of the Round Table as they entered the Isle of the Blessed Arthur, and the Knights survived the attack with help from Merlin. Percival, Elyan and Leon later fended off the other Wyvern. The Darkest Hour: Part Two
Arthur Pendragon vs. The Gleeman The Gleeman attempted to kill Arthur under orders from King Odin who still wanted revenge on Arthur for killing his son. Arthur briefly defended himself but was weakened by a sedative planted inside an apple which he ate, and was easily defeated. The Wicked Day
Uther Pendragon vs. The Gleeman When The Gleeman attempted to kill Arthur, Uther recovered from his ordeal inflicted from Morgana's betrayal, and fought him to protect Arthur. Uther killed the Gleeman but was fatally wounded and despite attempts to save him, eventually died. The Wicked Day
Merlin vs. Julius Borden When Merlin refused to give the Dragon's egg to Borden after learning that he only wanted it for power, Borden attacked him with his torch. Before Borden could kill him, Merlin used his magic to knock Borden back, knocking him unconscious or killing him. Aithusa
Arthur Pendragon vs. Derian When Morgana and Queen Annis conspired to have Arthur killed, Derian was chosen to kill him. Even though Morgana used magic to make his sword heavy, Arthur eventually defeated Derian with help from Merlin but spared his life. His Father's Son
Merlin vs. Knights of the Round Table The Knights of the Round Table cornered Dragoon (Merlin). Gwaine attempted to strike him down but he cast him backwards. He continued to do this with the other knights. A Servant of Two Masters
Merlin (Dragoon) vs. Morgana Merlin sneaked into Morgana's hut as Dragoon the Great to try and kill the mother Fomorroh until he came face to face with Morgana. They both knocked each other down using magic until Morgana got knocked unconsious by Merlin. A Servant of Two Masters
Gwaine and Merlin vs. Orn Orn attacked Merlin and Gwaine as they tried to rescue Gaius. Gwaine was defeated but Merlin used magic to save him by making Orn fall right onto Gwaine's sword, presumably killing him. The Secret Sharer
Leon vs. Gwaine When Gwaine bumped onto Leon, they attacked each other under the Lamia's control. Elyan and Percival separated Leon and Gwaine, ending their duel in a draw. Lamia
Merlin and Gwen vs. Lamia When Merlin confronted the Lamia they engaged in a brief magical duel until Gwen joined in. The Lamia, in the form of an enormous monster, cornered Merlin and Gwen until Arthur killed it. Lamia
Arthur vs. Lancelot Arthur found Guinevere kissing Lancelot, he became furious and attacked Lancelot, who defended himself. They were evenly matched but Merlin used magic which resulted in Lancelot dropping his sword, leaving him open to a killing blow from Arthur, who was only stopped when Guinevere begged him. Lancelot du Lac
Elyan vs. Arthur Pendragon Elyan, when controlled by a spirit of a boy who wanted to avenge his death, attacked Arthur. Arthur defended himself with a chair until the guards arrived, forcing Elyan to escape. A Herald of the New Age
Elyan (Shrine Boy) vs. Arthur Pendragon After the boy completely possesed Elyan, he killed some guards and attacked Arthur again. Arthur eventually defeated the possesed Elyan but was unable to kill him after realising that Elyan was possesed, making Elyan again escape.

A Herald of the New Age

Gwaine vs. Southron soldier When Morgana siezed control of Camelot again and starved Gwaine, Gaius and Elyan, Gwaine was forced to fight a Southron soldier to get food for them. Gwaine eventually disarmed the man and killed him, however he was forced to fight more soldiers in the process. The Sword in the Stone: Part One
Arthur Pendragon vs. Helios

When Morgana fled the throne room, Helios took arms against Arthur.

Helios knocked Arthur to the ground and nearly killed him, but Isolde stabbed him in the back, causing Helios to fatally stab her in the stomach as he died.

The Sword in the Stone: Part Two

Gwen vs. Morgana Morgana, who was seriously wounded, took arms against Gwen. Morgana knocked the sword out of Gwen's hand, only to be knocked out by Merlin's magic.

The Sword in the Stone: Part Two

Series 5[]

Participants Circumstances Outcome Episode
Arthur Pendragon, Merlin and Knights of Camelot vs. Ruadan, his henchmen and Morgana When Gwen's servant Sefa revealed the whereabouts of Arthur, Merlin and the Knights of Camelot to her father Ruadan, he, along with Morgana and his henchmen, ambushed them. Arthur, Merlin and the Knights managed to escape Ruadan, Morgana and his men, but Arthur and Merlin got seperated from the Knights in the process. Arthur's Bane: Part One
Merlin vs. Aithusa After Merlin hatched Aithusa from a dragon egg, Aithusa at one point allied with Morgana after saving her life and attacked Arthur, Merlin and Gwaine, forcing Merlin to confront the dragon himself who attacked him by breathing fire. Merlin easily deflected Aithusa's attack and used his Dragonlord power to stop Aithusa and send her away after a failed attempt to force her to tell him what happened to her due to her inability to talk. Arthur's Bane: Part Two
Merlin vs. Uther Pendragon (in spirit form) When Arthur accidently released Uther's spirit from the spirit world, Uther, who mysteriously developed magical powers, wreaked havoc to protect his legacy, believing that Arthur ignored the ancient laws of Camelot, such as wounding Percival and attempting to kill Gwen. When Uther knocked Arthur unconscious, Merlin confronted Uther who tried to attack him. Merlin blocked Uther's attack, revealing to him that he had magic and blasted Uther away. Uther was then forced to use trickery to corner Merlin who was only saved when arthur sent Uther back to the spirit world. The Death Song of Uther Pendragon
Arthur Pendragon vs. King Odin After two failed attempts to have Arthur killed in revenge for his sons death, one of them resulting in the death of Uther Pendragon at Morgana's hand, Odin allied with Morgana at one point so that they would together have Arthur killed. After Arthur escaped Morgana, Odin eventually cornered Arthur and challenged him to a duel. Arthur proved to be a superior fighter, overpowering Odin, but with Merlin's help, managed to persuade Odin to make a truce, finally ending their fued. Another's Sorrow
Arthur Pendragon vs. Mordred After making Mordred a Knight of Camelot, Arthur started to train Mordred and practice sword fighting with him. Although Mordred at one point managed to floor Arthur with a kick, Arthur eventually outmatched Mordred. The Disir
Arthur Pendragon vs. Mordred After their first practice fight, Arthur practiced with Mordred again after he was revived, presumably by the Disir. Mordred apparently defeated Arthur who then congratulated him. The Disir


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