Duelling pitch
Duelling Pitch
Location: Camelot
Type: Pitch, Arena
Appearances: Vailiant
The Sins of the Father
Sweet Dreams
The Sorcerer's Shadow

The Duelling Pitch is a stadium-like enclosure on the grounds of Camelot in which duels between nobles take place.


The pitch serves as the site of the Tournament of Camelot. Among the duels fought were a contest between the knights Valiant and Ewan, and the final duel between defending Champion Arthur Pendragon and Valiant (Valiant).

The pitch also served as the site of three duels-to-the-death involving the Wraith of Tristan de Bois some twenty years after de Bois's first death. Tristan fought and killed the knights Owain and Pellinore before Arthur challenged Tristan to a fight. Uther Pendragon schemed to take Arthur's place against Tristan, and slew the Wraith with an enchanted sword (Excalibur).

When Morgause challenged Arthur to a duel, there was a controversy about a women competing, but they ended up allowing Morgause to compete. The duel took place on this arena, it was a close match, but Morgause defeated Arthur, embarrassing him, but she spared him if he accepted her next challenge (The Sins of the Father).

The duel between Olaf and Arthur was fought on the pitch during the Peace of the Five Kingdoms negotiations (Sweet Dreams).

It is where Arthur and Gwaine fought in the melee, and defeated Dagr and Ebor, disguised as Sir Oswald and Sir Ethan (Gwaine).

When another tournament was on in Camelot, they all took place on this pitch. Uther fought and won the tournament, while Arthur let his father win so he can prove to his people that he is worthy of ruling. It is where Gilli cheated to defeat and kill Nollar and nearly beat Uther in the final (The Sorcerer's Shadow).

Individuals Killed on the PitchEdit

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