Have you anything to say to your son before I kill him?
The Gleeman to Uther[src]
The duel between Uther and the Gleeman occurred when Odin hired The Gleeman, a circus master and assassin, to kill Arthur Pendragon for revenge over the death of his son. It happened after Arthur's birthday when he went so see his father and he was attacked by the knife thrower. Just as the Gleeman was about to kill Arthur, Uther got out of his chair with a sword and defended his son. Uther fought the Gleeman, they both applied heavy blows, but they both managed to defend them. Eventually, the Gleeman knocked Uther beside. But Uther got up and fought again, this time he disarmed the Gleeman, and held him at swordpoint. Just as Uther was applying the mortal blow, the Gleeman quickly retrieved one of his circus knives and struck Uther, just as he was being struck. They both fell to the ground with the Gleeman dead and Uther mortally wounded (The Wicked Day).
Uther's final fight

Uther's final fight.wmv

Uther's final fight

Victory: Uther


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