You can have what you came for. The father, not the son.
Uther to Tristan De Bois[src]

The duel between Uther and Tristan de Bois took place when Tristan de Bois, brother of Ygraine and Agravaine, arrived in Camelot after Nimueh had reanimated him as a Wraith. He crashed through the window with his horse, threw his gauntlet down, hoping it would be picked up by Uther.

But it was Sir Owain who picked it up, and the next time Sir Pellinore - both of them lost the duel although they had fatally wounded the Black Knight. Because the Knight was a wraith, an injury caused from a mortal weapon did not affect him in any way. After killing Sir Pellinore, it was Arthur who threw down his gauntlet and Tristan accepted his challenge: a single combat to the death like the previous ones had been. Soon after that Merlin got a sword from Guinevere and went to the Great Dragon who blessed the sword with his fire.

But in the end it was Uther who fought Tristan. At his request, Gaius drugged Arthur so he would not be able to fight. He took the sword, Excalibur, which was meant to be used by his son, and went to face Tristan in the arena. He told Tristan that he could have what he came for: the father, not the son. After fighting closely for a long time, the battle reached a turning point when Uther knocked off Tristan's helmet which revealed that he was a Wraith. This act made Tristan furious, and he angrily attacked Uther, knocking him to the ground. His sword got stuck in Uther's shield, and while he tried to free his weapon, Uther ran him through with Excalibur, killing his enemy for the final time. Tristan screamed in rage and burst into flames.

Victory: Uther Pendragon


  • Nimueh watches on
  • Nimueh watches as the wraith dies
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