Pellinore challenges Tristan

Pellinore accepts the duel

Pellinore helmet

Pellinore fighting

I, Sir Pellinor, take up the challenge.
The duel between Sir Pellinore and Tristan de Bois took place following Owain's death, Tristan de Bois threw his gauntlet on the ground again, this time Arthur was very eager to take it, but Uther held him back, allowing Sir Pellinore to accept it. Later that night, Arthur complained about Uther pulling him back and stating that Pellinore is still recovering from the events of Othanden. Yet the very next day Sir Pellinore fought the Black Knight. Pellinore was a lot more skilled than Owain, so he was easily winning the duel. He eventually struck a blow, letting the citizens of Camelot see it.
Tristan de bois

The Black Knight

Tristan then pulled the sword out and defeated and killed Sir Pellinore, leaving the spectators both shocked and confused. After these events, Arthur threw down his own gauntlet, and challenged the Black Knight to yet another duel. However, Uther ended up fighting the Wraith (Excalibur) in Arthur's place.

Victory: Tristan de Bois
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