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Sir Owain

I, Sir Owain, accept your challenge.
Owain to Tristan de Bois[src]
The duel between Sir Owain and Tristan de Bois occurred after Nimueh returned Tristan de Bois from the dead as a fearsome Wraith, who wanted revenge on Uther for Ygraine's death. He arrived in Camelot just as Arthur was officially being crowned Prince of Camelot.

Tristan de Bois

The Black Knight rode through the glass on his stallion and submitted a challenge by throwing his gauntlet on the ground. Just as Arthur was about to pick it up, Sir Owain, an inexperienced knight stepped in and took up the challenge himself. Arthur helped Owain prepare for the duel, and Morgana even sent her regards. On the Duelling pitch they duelled, it was fair game until Owain quickly struck a blow that would have been fatal to any mortal, but Tristan de Bois, being a Wraith, continued fighting. This time the Black Knight started winning the duel, he eventually disarmed Owain and killed him, leaving the citizens of Camelot shocked (Excalibur).

Victory: Tristan de Bois

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