Merlin vs

Merlin vs. the Sidhe elder

Merlin vs. the Sidhe elder.

As to this 'Merlin', soon he will regret the day I ever heard his name! Let him learn who he's angered! Let him feel the power of the mighty Sidhe!
Sidhe elder about Merlin[src]

The duel between Merlin and the Sidhe elder takes place shortly after the elder discovers that Merlin knows of his Sidhe-Queen plot. It starts off with the Sidhe elder, after being told by the Pixie that Merlin knows of their plans, attacking Merlin while he is sleeping. Just as the energy from the Sidhe elder's staff is about to be released and hit him, Merlin wakes up and dodges the strike. Merlin quickly retrieves his own staff, hidden under his bed. With Gaius watching in horror, Merlin then begins delivering blows, the first one missing. Eventually the energy from his Sidhe staff strikes the elder, defeating and killing him (The Changeling).

Victory: Merlin


  • The Sidhe elder attacks Merlin.
  • The young warlock dodges the magical bolt.
  • Emrys uses his own Sidhe magic to strike the elder.
  • Merlin kills his opponent.
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