Merlin and the Goblin - A Challenge

Merlin and the Goblin - A Challenge

The duel between Merlin and the Goblin took place inside Camelot after Merlin accidentally released a Goblin which wreaked havoc and possessed Gaius.

After Merlin realised that Gaius was possessed by the Goblin and that it had caused Uther, Gwen, and Morgana to suffer from flatulence in front of the entire court, he confronted the creature in the physician's chambers. The duel began when Merlin revealed his magic to the Goblin by shutting the door so that Gaius couldn't leave. The magical creature threw a dagger towards Merlin by using telekinesis, but the young warlock quickly blocked the knife with a spell ("Culter, ic þe hate!") and deflected it back at the Goblin, stopping it before it could reach his face. The Goblin told Merlin that while he could hurt him, he couldn't harm him without hurting Gaius. Merlin then dropped the dagger, sparing the Goblin's life, but warning him, right before leaving his mentor's chambers, that he would not rest until he found a way to force it out of Gaius (Goblin's Gold).

Victory: Merlin

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  • Gaius, possessed by the Goblin, throws a dagger at Merlin.
  • Merlin stops the knife before throwing it back at Gaius.
  • Merlin is victorious but spares the Goblin.
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