Merlin attacks with his Sidhe Staff

The duel between Merlin and Tauren occured after Morgana decided to betray the king, forging an evil alliance with the renegade sorcerer Tauren. Morgana lured Uther to go with her to visit her "father's" grave. When they approached its location, she asked for some privacy and Uther dismissed the guards. When Merlin arrived, he found that the king's guards had been killed by Tauren's men. Merlin approached the bandits and killed them both with the Sidhe Staff he keept under his bed.

Meanwhile, Tauren was spying on Uther and Morgana from behind a nearby tree. He saw Merlin climbing up the hill and turned to confront him, taking the Mage Stone out of the pouch he had bound to his belt. Merlin raised the Sidhe staff and tried to attack the older warlock with a bolt of energy, but he absorbed it with the stone and sent it back at Merlin, who was knocked out. After getting the young sorcerer out of the way, Tauren progessed onto trying to kill the king. However, while he was fighting with Uther, Morgana ultimately betrayed Tauren and decided to save the king, by stabbing her former ally fatally in the back (To Kill the King).

Victory: Tauren

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