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You should leave now while you still can.
Morgana to Merlin[src]

The first duel between Merlin and Morgana occurred during the Great Battle for Camelot. When Morgana, who had turned against Camelot, animated a skeleton army with a Rowan Staff to help Morgause and King Cenred invade Camelot, Merlin confronted her in the crypts where she had summoned the skeleton army. Merlin initially tried to reason with Morgana, and begged her to stop, but she refused, saying that she had no intention of showing mercy to Uther, as he hunted down all those with magic, like her. Merlin, not revealing he has magic, empathised with her, insisting that there could be another way and that a gift like magic should be used for good, but Morgana still refused to listen, coldly stating that there was no other way. Having failed to reason with her, Merlin tried to destroy the staff with his sword but Morgana drew out her own sword and stopped him by disarming him. As Morgana threatened to kill him, the duel began when Merlin regained his sword. As Merlin and Morgana fought, Arthur and the Knights of Camelot were struggling to hold off both the skeletons and Cenred's army. After a fierce battle, Morgana eventually disarmed Merlin again and tried to kill him. However, without being seen, Merlin used his magic to make the chamber collapse on Morgana, incapacitating her and ending the duel. With Morgana defeated, Merlin then enchanted his sword and used it to destroy the staff, destroying the skeleton army and helping to turn the tide of the battle against Cenred and Morgause, forcing them to retreat. After the war was over and Camelot was saved, Morgana took the credit for destroying the staff both to keep her cover and to prevent Merlin from revealing her treachery to Arthur and Uther. She was later honoured in front of the court by Uther and shared a hateful glare with Merlin for foiling her plans, unnoticed by everyone else (The Tears of Uther Pendragon).

Victory: Merlin


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