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Merlin confronts Jonas.

I said, get out of my way!
Merlin to Jonas[src]
The duel between Merlin and Jonas occurred when Merlin attempted to stop the wedding of Uther and Catrina. When he dashed through the Red Ribbon Chamber to go to the throne room, he was approached by Jonas. Merlin told him to step aside, but Jonas refused because Merlin had not been invited to the wedding and that he should leave Catrina, his mistress, alone. At the same time they were arguing, the wedding was taking place and reaching the point of where the wedding couple would say their vows. Jonas and Merlin attacked each other, and Jonas pushed Merlin against the floor a couple of times. Anxious to stop the event, Merlin knocked Jonas against a wall with a stunning spell ("Ic þé wiþdrífe") which made him unconscious. Now that no one was standing in his way, Merlin dashed to the throne room, only to find out that he was too late.

Victory: Merlin


  • Merlin finds his way blocked by Jonas.
  • Jonas pretends to be willing to help Merlin find his way.
  • Merlin threatens Catrina's servant to let him pass.
  • Jonas grabs Merlin.
  • The young warlock is thrown on the floor.
  • Emrys prepares himself to use his magic.
  • Jonas is hurled into the stone wall by Merlin's spell.
  • A vase fall on Jonas' head and knocks him out.
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