I can rule the kingdom now. And with you at my side, we can be all-powerful.
Edwin to Merlin[src]
The duel between Merlin and Edwin Muirden occurred after Edwin tricked Uther into making him the court physician so he could kill the king to avenge his parents’ death. Edwin poisoned Uther with one of the Elanthia Beetles, but before he could escape he confronted the former court physician, Gaius. Gaius attempted to attack Edwin with his magic, but he failed because he mispronounced the words of the enchantment. Edwin cast the right spell and threw Gaius against a wall. Edwin then used his powers to create a ring of flames with which he surrounded Gaius. Edwin’s intentions were to burn Gaius alive, just as his parents had died. Suddenly, Merlin entered Edwin’s room and asked him to release his mentor. Edwin offered Merlin a place at his side as ruler of the kingdom, but when he realised that the warlock was a potential threat to his plans he used telekinesis to throw an axe at Merlin. As the axe was coming towards Merlin, he ducked and used time magic to stop the weapon. Edwin cast a spell (Swilte, Merlin) to strengthen his control over the object, but Merlin, with a flash of his eyes, turned it around and hurled it back at Edwin. The axe killed him and his fire spell was broken, allowing Merlin and Gaius to save Uther (A Remedy to Cure All Ills).

Victory: Merlin


  • Gaius tries to cast a stunning spell.
  • Edwin pronounces the words correctly.
  • The sorcerer uses his magic against Gaius.
  • The old physician is thrown against a pillar.
  • Edwin casts a fire spell.
  • Gaius is trapped by a ring of flames.
  • Edwin is pleased with his revenge.
  • Edwin Muirden makes an axe fly against Merlin during their duel.
  • Merlin stops the ax thrown by Edwin.
  • The warlock tries to strengthen his telekinetic spell.
  • Merlin sends the ax back at Edwin.
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