Arthur vs Uther
If you choose not to defend yourself, I will strike you down where you stand.
Arthur to Uther[src]

The duel between Arthur and Uther occurred shortly after Arthur Pendragon learned the truth about his birth. Arthur came into the palace, full of rage at his father. Uther, who was in a discussion about Arthur's whereabouts with a trusted knight, Sir Leon. Uther immediately dismissed Leon from the room. After an intense argument, Arthur challenged his father to a duel. Uther rejected the challenge, but Arthur still attacked him. Uther quickly picked up a sword to defend himself, and then they began duelling. Blow by blow the duelled, until Arthur defeated Uther and held him at swordpoint. Merlin, who had convinced Leon to let him in, intervened and lied to Arthur saying Morgause had set up Ygraine's words. Arthur released Uther after Uther 'swore' that Merlin's words were true (The Sins of the Father).

Victory: Arthur

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