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Arthur vs. Morgause

Arthur vs. Morgause

I was defeated, by a girl!
Arthur to Merlin[src]
The duel between Arthur and Morgause occured after the sorceress Morgause challenged Arthur to a duel in sword combat. Pre-duel there was arguing and conflict about whether Arthur should duel Morgause. Eventually, they both ended up on the Duelling pitch. Arthur gave Morgause one last chance to withdraw but she rejected it without thought.

Morgause defeats Arthur in sword combat

The duel started fairly evenly - no one was winning, no one was losing. Then Arthur disarmed Morgause and, honorably, he let her pick up her sword and resume the fight. Morgause then began to win. She eventually got Arthur to the edge of the pitch and kicked him, causing Arthur to fall to the ground and Morgause held him at swordpoint, winning the duel. Morgause spared Arthur after he accepted her conditional challenge (The Sins of the Father).

The results of this duel bothered Arthur in the future, when he was facing Morgause at the Castle of Fyrien, saying, "I know what you are capable of..." (The Castle of Fyrien).

Victory: Morgause

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