Druid Shrine
Location: Camelot
Type: Shrine
Appearances: A Herald of the New Age
A Druid Shrine is a place regarded as holy because of its associations with a divinity or a sacred person or relic, typically marked by a building or other construction.

In the time of the Old Religion, the druids built shrines to appease and bring rest to restless and tormented spirits. They are cursed places, and only gifted sorcerers, like Merlin, are able to feel this.

The spirits that inhabit the shrine are souls that were so badly wronged that they cannot find peace in the Spirit world. They try to find their proper place in the Underworld, but the unjust nature of their death has denied them that. The druids practiced ancient rituals to heal the ground so that the souls

The cursed well to which the spirits were bound.

of the victims could find peace, but the magic that binds the earth is delicate and can be easily undone, so the sorcerers hung ribbons and flags made of shredded fabric all around the shrine as a warning. Anyone who disturbs the resting place risks releasing the spirits and to be possessed by them.

A shrine that was once a druid camp was built near Camelot after it was attacked by Uther's men, led by Arthur. The Knights of Camelot killed all the druids, along with their women and children. One of the spirits possessed Sir Elyan and, seeking peace and revenge for his death, forced the knight to try to kill the new King. When Arthur confessed his crime and begged for forgiveness, the spirit was pleased and was able to peacefully enter the Spirit world (A Herald of the New Age).


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