The Hut of Dragoon the Great started off as the house of a charcoal-maker who was killed in his home after Morgana released the Dorocha.

The room has simple walls made of stone. Several dead animals and skins are hanging around on display. There are also many pots, candles, and tools. There is a small place for a fire and a bed. There is also another room with a dining table, where Merlin and Lancelot found the first owner dead (The Darkest Hour: Part 2).

Merlin and Lancelot stayed there on their journey back to Camelot, and left when the Dorocha invaded, so Merlin had to summon Kilgharrah. When Merlin told Arthur of a sorcerer who could help cure his father, Merlin took the form of Dragoon the Great. Merlin led Arthur to an abandoned hut and told Arthur to wait inside and made the excuse that he 'really needed to pee'. As Arthur waited inside, Merlin turned into Dragoon. He entered the hut and claimed that Arthur had knocked over his favorite pot. He then agreed to help Arthur and left before Arthur could, turning back into Merlin. The pair then departed (The Wicked Day).

When Morgana conquered Camelot, Merlin took Arthur there to get himself out of his armour, before fleeing to Ealdor (The Sword in the Stone).


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