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Merlin commands Kilgharrah for the first time.

Dragons and Dragonlords can use a particular type of magic. It's likely that even this form of power comes from the Old Religion, but it's different from the magic used by most human sorcerers.

Dragons are probably the most powerful magical creatures of all, and have the greatest magical knowledge and ability. They can pass the extremely effective spells they know to humans with their mind. Kilgharrah showed Merlin two enchantments, one to trap Cornelius Sigan's soul back in his jewel (who was the most powerful sorcerer of the Old Religion ever to live) (The Curse of Cornelius Sigan), and then a healing spell to cure Morgana of her fatal cranium wound (The Crystal Cave). Aithusa was also able to heal a dying Morgana, simply by breathing on her (The Sword in the Stone).

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Merlin can also command wyverns as a dragonlord.

Dragonlords have access to this form of magic when they inherit their fathers' powers. They can speak in the dragon tongue, and cast special spells in it. The known characteristics of dragonlords magic are:


  • The Great Dragon telepathically passes a powerful spell to Merlin with a deep breath.
  • Merlin tames Kilgharrah with his dragonlord-powers.
  • Merlin's dragon-like sonic scream.
  • Merlin calls the Dragon for help.
  • Merlin uses dragon magic.
  • Merlin sends the wyverns away.
  • Merlin using his dragonlord magic to control Aithusa.
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