All the jewels, all the treasures, Gaius, they don’t compare.
A Dragon Egg is an egg from where Dragons hatch. Dragon eggs are ready to hatch almost immediately after being laid, but must always wait until a Dragonlord has called them into existance.
Dragon Egg

The newborn Aithusa

Merlin and King Arthur Pendragon set out with the Knights of Camelot to find the Egg. Arthur was wishing to destroy it and Merlin wanted to rescue it and return it to Kilgharrah - the last surviving Dragon. Merlin was successful in his goal and the Dragon was born. Merlin named it Aithusa (which means 'light of the sun") and Kilgharrah noted that, as a white Dragon , it was a sign of good times to come for Camelot (Aithusa).


  • Dragon eggs are exceptionally durable, remaining undamaged for over a thousand years until they are called to open by a Dragonlord.
  • Aithusa's egg is the first and only dragon's egg that appeared
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