The Dorocha. They are the voices of the dead, my child. And, like the dead, they are numberless.
The Cailleach to Morgana upon unleashing the Dorocha.[src]
The Dorocha or "The Shadow People" are the voices of the deceased who come out only at night. It is unknown if all the people who die become Dorocha, or just a portion of them. However, they are said to be numberless. They appear as demonic, screaming/shrieking skeletons that are made of smoke. They can kill any mortal by their touch, seemingly freezing them to death, and are only repelled by fire or daylight. According to Gaius, they cannot be stopped by any mortal weapon or magic. In their presence, Merlin could not use his powers to defend himself. However, the Dorocha's touch was not fatal to him. They dwell in the Spirit World, and are separated from the living world by the Veil, which can be torn on Samhain when a high priestess performs a blood ritual, or sacrifice. The mistress of the Dorocha is The Cailleach, the gatekeeper to the Spirit World.


They can be warded off with fire and will return to the Spirit World when the Veil is closed.


Lancelot's First Death

Lancelot's First Death

Lancelot sacrifices himself to return the Dorocha to the world of the dead.

In the time of the Old Religion, on Samhain Eve, the High Priestesses would gather on the Isle of the Blessed and perform a blood sacrifice to the ancient gods, tearing the Veil between the worlds. This would allow the Dorocha to enter the world of the living and the High Priestesses would gain magical energy from them.

When Morgana sacrifices her dying sister to open a split in the Veil, the Cailleach and the Dorocha come forward. The Dorocha spread throughout the land and attack villages before reaching Camelot. According to the Cailleach, Morgana's enemies will rue the day the Veil was torn. If the Dorocha were allowed to remain in the world of the living, they would have caused massive devastation.
However, the Dorocha are sent back to the Spirit World when Lancelot sacrifices himself to repair the Veil instead of Arthur (or Merlin, as he wanted to take Arthur's place) (The Darkest Hour).


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